The North Fayette County Municipal Authority

Service Connection

A typical service connection is when a "tap" is made onto one of our main transmission lines. From the tap, a short length of copper tubing is installed and connected to a valve called a "curb stop."

From the curb stop the water line can either go to the house, where the meter may be in the house or the water line may go to a meter pit and then to the house. All new services have a meter pit installed in or near the public right-of-way. 


It is the responsibility of the Authority to maintain the water main, the service connection up to, and including, the curb stop and the accuracy and integrity of the water meter. 

It is the customer's responsibility to maintain the service connection after the curb stop. This includes protecting the water meter from damage from freezing during the winter months. Damage due to a meter freezing will result in a charge to the customer.