The North Fayette County Municipal Authority

Applying for Water Service

In order to apply for water service, you can visit our business office between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. At that time an application will be completed and a copy of your driver's license will be taken. Or, we are now accepting customer applications over the telephone. A requirement for that method is that a responsible adult must be home to sign the contract in order for the water to be turned on.

For a "standard 3/4" size water line, the cost is $1,500.00 plus a $30.00, one-time, Service Activation Fee that will appear on your first bill. The payment includes making a tap to our main line, a meter pit that will be buried in or near the public right-of-way and a copper meter setter which includes a shutoff valve, a pressure regulator, and a backflow prevention device.

A water meter and radio transmitter will also be installed and shall remain the property and responsibility of the Authority.

Special Note: Before installing your water service line, you must make an appointment with an NFCMA supervisor for a site visit to determine the location of the meter pit.

Normal scheduling to have water service available can be 4-6 weeks after the on-site visit.

Costs for larger sizes of service connections are available upon request.

A downloadable application is available below.