The North Fayette County Municipal Authority

Providing Quality Water to Fayette County Residents Since 1955

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Mission Statement

From our source waters of the Youghiogheny River to the customer's faucet, The North Fayette County Municipal Authority's goal is to continuously provide our customers with a plentiful supply of clean, safe drinking water at an affordable rate.


If you witness or suspect a possible water main break, or to report an interruption of your water service, please call one of the following numbers:

Between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday thru Friday, call 724-626-1211 or 724-438-7361.

At all other times, including weekends and legal holidays, call 724-628-5710.


The protection of the water meter from the adverse weather is the responsibility of the customer. Failure to protect the meter from freezing will cause a meter to break and stop water service. The Authority charges $125 to replace the meter plus any additional labor costs if occurring after hours requiring overtime by the work force. Don’t get hit with an unexpected repair bill this winter. With a little attention and basic maintenance, you can help prevent pipes and meters from freezing.

A few basic approaches are to insulate the water meter, insulate pipes, open doors under the sink, eliminate drafts and drain water lines leading to outside faucets.

A small crack in a door, window or wall acts like a blowtorch in reverse. At near zero temperature weather, a high wind can freeze a nearby pipe or meter even though the surrounding room temperature may be 60 degrees.

Some helpful hints recommended by the Authority to prevent a meter from freezing include:

  • Filling holes in doors, windows and walls near water meters and water pipes.
  • Make sure that heat can circulate around meters and pipes. Water meters and pipes in or on outside walls, in an insulated cabinet or in an enclosed area can freeze if heat is blocked from circulating through these areas.
  • If the meter is installed in an outside pit, place crumpled newspaper in a plastic garbage bag, tie it securely closed and place the bag in the meter pit to deter freezing, then put the meter pit lid back on securely.
  • Check insulation placed in the meter pits for dampness on a regular basis. Water ruins insulation. Wet insulation is worse than none at all since it freezes rapidly.
  • Check the meter pit or vault cover for cracks, which would allow cold air to enter and freeze the meter or water service line.